Since 1960, Chez Napoléon restaurant has been a favorite culinary destination in this neighborhood from when it was teeming with many classic French restaurants catering to voyagers disembarking from cross Atlantic ships docked at the Hudson River piers at the west end of 50th street. For many years to come, past the “Westies” and “Hell’s Kitchen” periods, Chez Napoléon remained steadfast as a small, yet tenacious restaurant, much like its namesake, that would stay true to its foundation of serving authentic and satisfying French cuisine, like from back home, on the outskirts of the Theatre District.

It was in 1982 that the Bruno family – actually the third, yet longest, family to own Chez Napoléon – came to stylize, craft, and perfect a menu that showcases and represents most regional specialties throughout France’s broad culinary delights. This is largely thanks to Chef ‘Grandmere’ Marguerite Bruno’s unique know-how of bringing home styled Sunday night dinner, French comfort food from the home kitchen and into a small restaurant setting.

Such classic favorites present on the menu include: garlicky escargots, savory onion soup with melted cheese, decadent duck foie gras, our signature steak au poivre, tasty frog legs, the ever popular beef bourguignon stew, the eventful Bouillabaisse fish stew, our specialty dessert soufflés, and so much more! We also boast very unique, hard-to-find dishes such as: veal sweetbreads, veal kidneys, wild boar stew (when in season), and even calf’s brain served with black butter – reserved for the more adventurous and daring of foodies!

At Chez Napoléon, we pride ourselves in offering a hyper-traditional French dining experience that will transport you to the small French restaurants by the banks of the Seine in Paris. Diners who return to this landmark restaurant time after time seek not just to be fed in a hurry in time for a Broadway show, but rather to take the time to relax and enjoy a well crafted meal that will please any taste and sophisticated palette.

This tiny humble restaurant is now run by Elyane Bruno and her son, William Welles (Yes...he looks scary. He is Goth. He doesn't bite...as long as you behave...), who are very proud to continue this tradition of French culinary Savoir-Faire...especially within these very difficult and trying times for the restaurant industry.

The entire staff here are very grateful to our very loyal and local clientele in helping support us to be one of the oldest classic French restaurants in New York City throughout all of these many, many wonderful years. We couldn't have done it without you!!!


We now make our own homemade French baguette bread for our customers!!!
See how Chez Napoléon owner, William Welles, makes a fresh batch in the video below...
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  (Please Note: Due to the lack of customers in the Theater district because of the Covid crisis, we must implore for a minimum of one (1) main course
or a minimum of three (3) appetizers per person at the table to remain in business. We also do not offer just desserts. We thank you for understanding and for your support.)

Salade de Mesclun (A medley of nine different lettuces with house Vinaigrette.)      $12.00         Soupe du Jour (Ask your server for the flavor of today's soup.)                       $12.00
Asperges Vinaigrette (Cold asparagus spears served with house Vinaigrette.)        $14.00         Ravioli de Homard (Lobster filled ravioli with our Marseillaise sauce)         $14.00
Artichaud Vinaigrette (Whole artichoke served with house Vinaigrette.)              $14.00         Soupe a L’Oignon (Classic French onion soup, topped with melted cheese.)     $15.00
Poireaux Vinaigrette (Cold leeks sserved with house Vinaigrette.)                        $14.00        Bisque de Hommard (Velvety & creamy lobster bisque soup.)                     $16.00
Paté Maison (Homemade country style pork and duck liver paté.)                            $15.00        Moules “Napoléon”(Baked mussels with garlic butter and bread crumbs.)    $14.00
Rillettes de Canard (Homemade shredded duck spread.)                                    $16.00        Escargots de Bourgogne (Six snails broiled in savory garlic butter.)           $15.00
Foie Gras (A generous slice of cold duck liver foie gras, served with toast points.)        $25.00        
VIANDES (meat):
Boeuf Bourguignon (Classic French beef stew with carrots, mushrooms, and pearl onions. Served with boiled potatoes.)          $30.00
Cervelle de Veau (Calf's brain prepared in black butter and capers.)                                                                                $31.00
Ris de Veau (Veal sweetbreads (thymus) prepared meuniére or with mushroom sauce.)                                                            $33.00
Foie de Veau Lyonnaise (Sautéed calf's liver topped with caramelized onions.)                                                                  $33.00
Lapin "Marguerite" (Rabbit stew, on the bone, in a light mustard and white wine sauce. Served with boiled potatoes.)            $34.00
Cassoulet (Very hearty white bean stew with duck, lamb, pork cuts & sausage. - allow 25 mins.)                                       $36.00
Civet de Sanglier (Seasonal wild boar stewserved in a rustic dark sauce and potatoes.)                                                         $38.00
Steak Grillé (Grilled 8oz. sirloin served with Maitre ‘D butter & frites.)                                                                             $40.00
Steak à la Guillaume (Grilled 8oz. sirloin topped with caramelized onions and melted blue cheese, served with frites.)             $41.00
Steak au Poivre (Grilled 8oz. sirloin served with choice of black (spicy) or green (mild) peppercorn sauce & frites.)                  $42.00
Carré D'Agneau (A very hearty rack of lamb served with green beans, frites, and "au jus" on the side. - allow 25 mins.)    $45.00
Coq au Vin (Half chicken on the bone, prepared in a dark red wine sauce. Served with boiled potatoes.)                                      $30.00
Cordon Bleu (Breaded chicken breast stuffed with ham & Swiss cheese, served with mushroom sauce & rice.)                           $32.00
Canard à L’Orange (Crispy half duck served with orange glaze and wild rice. - allow 25 mins.)                                  $34.00
Confit de Canard (Slow cooked half duckserved with frites & our homemade cranberry sauce. - allow 25 mins.)              $36.00
POISSONS (fish):
Truit Meuniére (Whole brook trout served with butter and lemon.)                                                                                     $29.00
Coquille St. Jacques (Sea scallops in a cream sauce, topped with melted cheese, with rice.)                                                     $30.00
Moules Marinières (Whole mussels steamed in a light cream sauce, served with frites.)                                                         $31.00
Crevettes Scampi (Shrimps sautéed in our Absinthe infused garlic butter and served with rice.)                                                $32.00
Cuisses de Grenouilles (Traditional frog legs sautéed in our Absinthe infused garlic butter.)                                                   $33.00
Crevettes Marseillaise (Shrimps in a very unique tomato and tarragon sauce, with rice.)                                                      $35.00
Poire au Vin Blanc (Pear poached in white wine.)                                          $10.00
Créme Caramel (Caramel over Flan.)                                                          $11.00
Mousse au Chocolat (Chocolate Mousse.)                                                    $11.00
Pêche Melba (Peach over ice cream & melba sauce with almonds.)                      $14.00
Crêpes au Grand Marnier (Three flambéed crepes with orange butter.)           $15.00
Coupes aux Marrons (Chestnuts in syrup served over vanilla ice cream.)            $16.00
Cerises Jubilée (Flambéed cherries over vanilla ice cream.)                                 $16.00
Soufflé (Flavors include: traditional Grand Marnier (Orange), Chocolate,Vanilla, Rasberry, Lemon, Coffee, or Peach.)     $30.00
*MUST be requested along with main meal order due to the hour long prep & cooking time*
For reservations call 212-265-6980


White Wine House Table Red Wine or White Wine
House Table Wine              $11.00 (very simple table wine made from varietal grapes)
Macon Villages                   $12.00  
Sauvignon Blanc                $13.00 ½ Carafe (half liter): $25.00
Riesling                               $14.00  
Pouilly Fuissé                       $15.00 Full Carafe (one liter): $40.00
Red Wine  
House Table Wine               $11.00  
Beaujolais Village                 $12.00  
Côtes-du-Rhone                  $13.00  
Bordeaux Superieur             $14.00  
Dry Rosé Wine  
Côtes de Provence                $12.00  
Mâcon-Villages (rich & oaky Chardonnay)             $36.00 Beaujolais-Village (crisp, light weight, & fruit-forward)                      $36.00
Sauvignon Blanc (crisp, pale, & dry)                        $39.00 Côtes-du-Rhone (medium weight, straight forward)                              $39.00
Riesling (crisp, fruity, & pale)                                      $42.00 Pinot Noir (medium-bodied, silky texture, & gentile tannins)                     $41.00
Vouvray (dry, crisp, with a subtle hint of fruit)           $45.00 Bordeaux Superieur (dark, medium to bold bodied, silky tannins)          $42.00
Pouilly-Fuissé (dry, crisp, & elegant Chardonnay)    $50.00 St. Emilion (dark, bold bodied, & made for red and game meats)                $45.00
  Saint-Estèphe (deep color, rich bodied, & dry tannins)                             $65.00
  Châteauneuf-du-Pape (blockbuster, heavy bodied, & very dark)             $75.00
Côtes de Provence (dry, crisp, & light summertime wine) $36.00 Chandon
  By the glass: $17.00
  Sparkling Wine - White or Rosé
  Full Bottle: $30.00
  Roderer Champagne
  ½ Bottle: $45.00          Full Bottle: $80.00
Corkage Fee for B.Y.O.B. is $30.00
Vintage year selection is not available due to our restricted wine cellar’s size.


- All gift certificates will be sent for FREE via USPS mail. The charge on your credit card statement will be listed under Elymar Restaurant Corp. (Chez Napoléon's company name). -
***Please note: If ever Chez Napoléon restaurant is forced to permanently close its doors, we shall issue a full refund to those who have purchased gift certificates after 04/01/2020.***



Currently open for dinner Wednesday through Sunday nights!!!

- PRE-THEATRE SEATING: available reservation times are at 5pm, 5:30pm, or 6pm -
- SECOND SEATING: available reservation times are at 8pm, 8:30pm, or 9pm (latest) -

- 6:30pm, 7pm, and 7:30pm reservation times are unavailable during the Pre-Theatre seating -
(Outdoor seating and carry-out service are not available.)
For reservations, please call:
Tel: 212-265-6980
Accepted credit cards: