We are very proud to announce that, in efforts to remain in business past the devastating Covid-19 crisis and to somehow continue to provide French culinary goodies to our wonderful & loyal customers, we have created an online Épicerie, or French Food Market, that is designed to ship select homemade and imported products nationwide. Understandably, we are going to start on a small scale for now with a few products starting with our famous House Vinaigrette salad dressing, and our irresistible Garlic Butter infused with Absinthe. However, we will be adding more delicious products as the weeks go by that you can order online to turn your kitchen into your very own French culinary empire!


- House Vinaigrette Salad Dressing

Our famous House Vinaigrette Salad Dressing is now available straight from our kitchen directly to yours! Not only is our vinaigrette 100% All Natural and made from the freshest ingredients to create a wonderful velvety texture & tangy taste, this recipe has been in the Chez Napoléon family for over three generations. Perfect for salads but equally sublime as a sandwich dressing or even as a dip for crudités! *WARNING* This is highly addictive dressing!!!
*Shake well before serving.

$9.00 per 12 fl oz. bottle (+ s&h)


- Garlic Butter infused with Absinthe

If you have ever tried our popular Escargots, Frog's Legs, or any garlic butter dish on our menu, then chances are that you have tasted our amazing house garlic butter that is infused with an original 1908 Absinthe (68% ALC.) recipe which creates an extremely versatile and highly flavorful artisanal butter can be used on seafood, pasta, grilled meats, stir-fried vegetables, as a melted drizzle, or to create the ultimate garlic bread! Created in very small and limited homemade batches!!!

$13.00 per 11oz. net wt jar (+ s&h)


- Chestnuts in Syrup - Fall 2020 (limited availability)

Imported European chestnuts personally handcrafted by Chez Napoléon's owner, Elyane Bruno, are a unique & exquisitely sweet seasonal delicacy that will add an instant touch of classic "gourmandise" to any dessert, from a simple scoop of ice cream to cakes & pastries, and even in certain old fashioned cocktails! Yearly limited batches of this very special treat are only crafted in the Fall and are ready for you to enjoy by early winter and Springtime.

$30.00 per 16 fl oz. jar (+ s&h)


- Orange Glaze

One of the most popular dishes at Chez Napoléon restaurant is the Canard a L'Orange and its flavorful secret is the savory-sweet orange zested glaze that is now available to use in your kitchen! Beyond using this glaze on roasted duck, it can also be added to chicken, pork, shrimp, or even as a dipping sauce. For an added kick, mix in a few drops of your favorite hot sauce brand to create a very unique sweet, tangy, fruity, and spicy concoction!

$11.00 per 12 fl oz. bottle (+ s&h)


- Green Peppercorn Sauce

Fresh whole green peppercorns, rather than dried cracked black peppercorns, creates a milder & lighter version of the traditional Steak au Poivre sauce that is typically served in classic French restaurants worldwide and therefore is a very versatile sauce that can be applied to many types of red meat & game recipes such as beef, lamb, venison and bison. To enrich and “lighten” this sauce, simply mix in a small spoonful of heavy cream over a low heat until desired consistency is reached.

$11.00 per 12 fl oz. bottle (+ s&h)


- Marseillaise Sauce

A sauce that is completely unique on this side of the Atlantic Ocean is our popular Marseillaise sauce. This tomato and tarragon based sauce from the South of France is typically found smothering our Shimp Marseillaise and Lobster Ravioli dishes, yet has so many flavor profiles, due to its delicate balance of tomato, herbs, and spices, that it can be used on anything from seafood dishes, to poultry and pasta dishes as well! To enrich and “lighten” this sauce, simply mix in a small spoonful of heavy cream over a low heat until desired consistency is reached.

$11.00 per 12 fl oz. bottle (+ s&h)


- Canard a L'Orange

Our most populer entrée is now available for you to make at home. The secret to a deliciously crispy Duck a L'Orange is that it is baked twice. We took care of step one, now it's your turn to complete step #2 in your very own kitchen! We've included a half duck, a 4 oz jar of our signature Orange Glaze and cooking instructions to complete this exceptional dish. Serving with rice and garnished with an orange slice is recommended (not included).
*Please note: Entrée portion is pre-cooked, refrigerated, and vacuum sealed immediately before shipping to preserve freshness.
Re-heating instructions are included.

$25.00 (+ s&h)


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- Certain items may be sent vacuum sealed, pre-refrigerated, and/or frozen to preserve freshness for the duration of shipping. -
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